Benefits of Pilates- My story

Hi All!

My journey starts about 14 years ago, while living in small town Iowa.  I saw a sign in a massage shop for learning Pilates.  So I gave the gal a call and started my 5 sessions learning pilates.  It was mat based and her space was small, she gave me a print off of the exercises which was nice, but we never really went very far with it.  She had a reformer that I'm pretty sure her husband had made for her, we used that only once. Never really enjoying the experience.  6 month later, I found a book on Mari Winsor pilates and decided to take this on at home.  Mari's descriptions were good and I finally started to enjoy and see some improvement, however, home based, on your own exercise never goes very far for me and I ended up loosing interested. Going back to running full time. Did I mention that I have run for 35 years, taking a break only for a couple of months in between.  Back to Pilates.  Fast forward about 7 years, I become a member of a gym in Omaha, NE. They had a pilates studio and I began privates, I was also training for a couple of 1/2 marathons and getting ready to take on a full.  The pilates instructor was good, but did not have a great understanding of the body and injuries and I ended up more sore than not. So I removed that from my training and went to a personal trainer.  I should note here that poor instructors who don't understand the needs of an individual will lose clients.  I have found this to be true in my own instructing and I think it important to keep up of your education and know the body. Fast forward  4 more years, we move to Denver, I find a studio across  Washington park and I start taking pilates.  I decided to continue to run and train for another 1/2 marathon. Full marathon was just too much on my body.  I start taking pilates twice a week at The Pilates Studio and love it. All of Kim Kolesar instructor are great.   I feel better, but am still running and finish my final run, completing the Denver Rock N Roll Half.  My time was about the 20 minutes slower than my last 1/2, I'm very disappointed, but my hip hurt the entire race and now it takes me six weeks to recover as my whole right hip, back and leg down to my toes are in pain. I go to the doctor, no help, see physical therapist, no help,  start seeing a chiropractor and I start to see some help and pain starts to alleviate itself. She gives me some exercises and I start taking Pilates more serious. I see real change from the Pilates.  However, I am done running and when I try to run the pain returns.  We do an mri and find out I have scoliosis and degeneration in my L5 - Sacrum and I find out I have arthritis in my feet especially my toes.  In between all of this, I decide to become an instructor, as I see the benefits I am getting from Pilates and know that others could benefit as well.   Fast forward one last time to now.  I complete my certification through PH7 Pilates with Cher Aslor via Kim.  My passion is to help people find that relief from pain and see the benefits of doing pilates regularly.  It does not matter who you are or what your body shape is. We all need movement and strength and we all need Pilates.  Pilates not only gives movement, but strength in the core including the spine, shoulders, neck, hips and legs.  Right down to the toes.  It helps with many injuries, alignment issues, strength, and a whole host of other issues we may have.  You see Pilates focuses on the little muscles which support the big muscles and give us that all over balance in strength and posture.  Come join me at Grow A Spine™ and let's work on this journey together.